Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Sudio is a Swedish lifestyle brand that designs premium earphones featuring minimalistic Scandinavian style & handcrafted quality. They have also been featured on Cleo Singapore, GQ UK & Elle France with many positive reviews.

They have recently launched the TRE Wireless earphones which are designed for an active lifestyle.
The wingtip ensures a secure fit in which you do not have to worry about the earphones falling out while you are running or actively engaged in sports activities.

The TRE Wireless earphones is available in 4 different colours - white, pink, black and classic blue. I have chosen the white one and every TRE earphones set comes with a leather carrying case for you to safely keep your earphones while you are not using it, extra wing tips for you to change it, metal clip, charging cable for you to charge the earphones, user's manual with clear and concise instructions and guarantee card.

If you worried that the wireless earphones might run out of battery fast while you are outside, fret not, the TRE wireless earphones can last for an impressive play time of 9 hours! The bluetooth aptX also ensure better sound quality and it works with all iPhones and Android devices, and is also SIRI compatible.

Sudio offers free worldwide shipping which usually takes 3-5 days to arrive in Singapore via DHL. In addition, all purchases from Sudio official website comes with 1 year international warranty. Their packaging is also very beautiful and elegant and suitable for gifting to your loved ones! You can use my code <lihuijapanlove> to enjoy 15% off and if you make a purchase before 31st May 2018, you will also receive a complimentary special edition summer tote bag from Sudio :) #sudio #sudiomoments

There are also other variations of earphones, be sure to check out https://www.sudio.com/sg/
for more information.

Check out their social media:
Facebook: Sudiosweden
Instagram: Sudio

Friday, 20 April 2018


If you love Line Friends and singing, KStar Karaoke would be an ideal place for you to enjoy yourself while taking photos of your favourite line friends characters. They have recently opened a new outlet at Orchard Central with a wide variety of cute themed rooms and grand VIP rooms for you to choose from!

When I first arrive at the entrance of KStar Karaoke, I was greeted by huge line brown sitting at the sofa and I was so excited and can't wait to explore the entire KStar!

There is a sofa located near KStar's counter with bouquets of beautiful roses and line brown & cony plush toy! This is such a romantic setting for couples to take photos!

The hallway is beautifully designed with cute wallpapers which makes me even more excited to see their cute themed rooms!

There are a variety of cute themed rooms for you to choose from:

The choco line friends themed room is so cute with choco frames hanging on the wall!

Love the beautiful lighting of the room which enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambiance for singing KTV and there are also some line brown and cony plush toy in different outfits on top on the shelves!

There is also a cute spinning toy game in which there is a task on each section if you spin the toy and got the section, you are required to complete the task stated on it. If you like to seek thrill and excitement, this will definitely be a fun game for you!

You can adjust the lighting of each room, if you wish to take photo in a brighter environment you can switch to brightness mode while if you like some disco lighting you can choose the romantic mode etc.

3D Projection Panorama Room

国际旋风 Room

If you are going with a huge group of people, I would suggest you choose the Grand VIP room:

Besides being spacious and able to house up to 35 people, there's also billard table for you and your friends to start the pool game!

Discover huge screen karaoke projection in the VIP Room, standing microphone for you to sing like a star and also darts station for you to enjoy playing with your friends.

You can check out their website http://kstar.com.sg/roomrates.php for the prices of the different rooms. If you haven been to KStar, I would highly recommend you to visit them especially if you are a fan of Line Friends!

181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Booking hotline: +65 6634 2801
Whatsapp Enquiry: +65 9438 8463

Check out their social media for promotions and more information:
Instagram: @kstarsingapore
Facebook: K.STAR Karaoke

Sunday, 4 March 2018


Calling all Japanese food lovers! Chef Francies Lee with almost 18 years of experience in fine Japanese cuisine recently opened Yokozuna Stall in Toa Payoh serving delicious Japanese food at super affordable prices.

I have tried some of their side dishes and set meals in which I will share with you my reviews below:

Yoko Yoko ($6.00)

My favourite dish from Yokozuna Stall would be Yoko Yoko which is an unique dish that I have never tried before in Singapore! The dish is wrapped with tai fish and contains slices of crab meat topped with mayonnaise which is very addictive. I would highly recommend you to try it when you make a visit to Yokozuna Stall.

Tataki Salmon Roll ($6.00)

Wrapped with salmon and sprinkle with sesame seeds, contains slices of crab meat and cucumber.

Next we will move on to their set meals, all of their Japanese rice set meals comes with Lettuce, Onigiri (Japanese rice ball), Japanese mash potato and miso soup which is super value for money. 

Teriyaki Salmon ($6.80)

Fresh salmon marinated in teriyaki sauce, served with Lettuce, Onigiri (Japanese rice ball), Japanese mash potato and miso soup. I would say that for the price of $6.80, they are very generous in their serving portion which is value for money.

Butter Yaki Seabass ($6.80)

I love the mild flavor of the light, tender and well-marinated seabass, served with Lettuce, Onigiri (Japanese rice ball), Japanese mash potato and miso soup. 

Teriyaki Chicken ($6.80)

Tender chicken lacquered with sweet homemade teriyaki sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds served with Lettuce, Onigiri (Japanese rice ball), Japanese mash potato and miso soup. 

YakiNiku (Beef) ($6.80)

Well-cooked beef served with Lettuce, Onigiri (Japanese rice ball), Japanese mash potato and miso soup. 

Blk 211 Lor 8 Toa Payoh #01-01

Check out their social media for promotions and more information:
Instagram: @yokozunastall
Facebook: YokozunaStall

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Hello guys, sorry for the lack of updates on my blog but I am glad that people are still reading my blog when I was inactive. I have shared my dining experience with Saveur on my instagram during valentine's day season and I thought of sharing the full review on my blog.

This valentine's day, Saveur offers a 3 course set menu at only $36.90 which includes a starter, a main and a dessert. You can make your own choices of starter, main and dessert.

Valentine's day Set Meal


Nicoise Salad

A healthy starter with crunchy fresh green, egg and tuna.

Lobster Bisque

Creamy and flavourful lobster bisque with generous serving of mini lobster.

Main Course:
Squid Ink Seafood Pasta

Fresh seafood with well cooked pasta

Pork Rack

Tender meat served with truffle mash that melts in your mouth.


Mango Passionfruit Cake & Dark Chocolate Fondant

Dark Chocolate Fondant

Dark chocolate fondant with hot chocolate oozing out, served together with fruits and vanilla ice cream which makes it super addictive. This is my favourite dessert!

Mango Passionfruit Cake

Soft cake bursting with mango and passionfruit flavour served together with fruits and vanilla ice cream which makes it really appetizing.

There's different Saveur outlets, I have visited the outlet at Purvis in which I will shared with you the address below:

5 Purvis Street, #01-04, 
Singapore 188584

Check out their social media for promotions and more information:
Instagram: @saveursg
Facebook: saveursingapore