Saturday, 7 October 2017


Calling all beer lovers! 🍻 The Golden beer of Lapland has finally hit the shore of Singapore! Lapin Kulta, one of the top Finnish Beer is being brewed from the golden malt with no unmalted additives, creating a crisp & refreshing taste! 

Lapin Kulta is available in Can 500ml and Glass Bottle 330ml each, they also sell in Set of 6 Cans and Set of 24 Glass Bottles.

Lapin Kulta Glass Bottle 330ml Each

I took a close up look so that you can look at the ingredients that the beer contains just in case you have any allergies so its better to look at the ingredients before consuming any products.
Lapin Kulta Can 500ml Each

Generally I think the beer is refreshing and great for party and celebration, if you wish to try out Lapin Kulta, they are available at all Fair Price Finest, Lazada & Redmart which is very convenient to purchase! Cheers and I will see you guys again in my next blog post.

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