Sunday, 26 February 2017


Are you always rushing early in the morning and have no time to make your breakfast like me? Oats Porridge is the best choice for a quick and easy healthy breakfast, recently I came across PomeFresh and saw that they are offering free samples for Otrimix Oat porridge! 

There are two variations, one is instant oats porridge which means you only need to add water and you are able to consume immediately and the other one is quickcook in which you need to boil it for a few mins in the pot. Depends on your preference, if you are busy and have no time you can choose the instant one since both of them have the same amount of nutrients included. The oats porridge comes with anti-oxidant and no preservative thus making it a healthy choice.

If you wish to redeem the free samples, please click the link below! :)

Try PomeFresh Otrimix Oat Porridge now! :

Stay Healthy! :)

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