Monday, 1 May 2017


Hi guys, today I am going to share with you my experience with shopback in which I didn't get my cashback, I know it sucks to get zero cashback after shopping a huge amount thus I am sharing it because I don't want you guys to end up as myself.

For those who do not know what is shopback, shopback allows you to get a certain amount of cashback after shopping online with various stores by following their instructions and terms and conditions clearly. visit for more information.

My case was shopping with Lazada + Shopback, firstly if you click on the Lazada icon,
there will be a pop up box indicating the terms and conditions, do not look at the pop up terms
and conditions because the terms and conditions is actually different from the actual one.

pop up box terms and conditions

actual page terms and conditions

From the pictures, you can see clearly that the pop up terms and conditions is slightly different
from the actual page terms and conditions. The pop up box terms and conditions did not indicate that cashback is not applicable to Promotional or coupon codes not posted and approved by ShopBack. You can refer to the pictures below for more information, otherwise visit shopback directly. I believe shopback should also update their terms and conditions in the pop up box.

Thus when shopping with shopback, only used the promo/coupon codes that is provided by shopback, any other promo codes not approved by shopback will result in you getting ZERO CASHBACK. This is not only for Lazada, same goes for other stores, always visit the actual page terms and conditions and not just read the pop up box terms and conditions.

I hope the information I have shared with guys will be helpful to prevent you from getting no cashback, always read the actual terms and conditions carefully before shopping! Other than that, I believe you will get your cashback upon following the instructions carefully.

If you are interested in getting cashback while shopping online, you can sign up for shopback with
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Happy shopping!

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