Friday, 16 June 2017


Feeling hungry but lazy to go out and get food? Why not try out Honestbee food delivery, currently there's a special promotion where by get can $18 off when you spend $25 with free delivery to your house! Use this promo code : "PARTY18" (For first time honestbee users only)

There's great variety of choices of food from different restaurants for you to choose from! 
These are the food I have ordered which cost me only $7.80 after deduction from the promo code:

(Pasta - Savoury Italian Favourites)
Basil Fresh Olive with Roasted Chicken Pizza  ($12.90)
Duck Spaghetti with Tropical Brandy and Wild Mushroom Sauce  ($12.90)

As you can see the total will be $(25.80 - $18) = $7.80 only which is super worth it!

Click on my link : to sign up for honestbee and you will get $10! 

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