Sunday, 7 January 2018


Happy New Year 2018! Have you done your CNY Shopping Spree?

Recently discovered a really cheap shopping palace - GAMISS which sells a great variety of items for Women, Men and Kids! I was really surprised by how cheap their items are and they also do wholesale supply which is a great choice for those who are seeking for fashion suppliers.

Here's the link to GAMISS Website: 

GAMISS sent me some items to do a review on them, at first I didn't have much expectations for the quality of the items as they are really cheap however GAMISS did not disappoint me! The items I received are of good quality, as good as those you see in the retail shop! Let me share with you the items that I have picked and why I love them:

First item will be the Cold Shoulder Striped Top in Purplish Blue 

Cold Shoulder Striped Top - Purplish Blue 

I have picked the Cold Shoulder Striped Top in Purplish Blue, the material is actually polyester and I feel really comfortable wearing it, you can create a casual look by matching it with a shorts which is a perfect outfit for the weather in Singapore. For more information of this product, you can check out the link below:

The next item will be Embossing PU Leather Handbag in Black Color, I would recommend this bag for office ladies as the size of the bag is consider big and able to fit a lot of stuffs! The bag can be used as a handbag as well as a shoulder bag as they provide you a detachable black shoulder strap.

Embossing PU Leather Handbag - Black

detachable black shoulder strap

Zip Compartment Inside the bag

I can feel that the quality of the bag is really good according to the PU Leather, there's a zip compartment and two mini open compartment inside the bag and one open compartment in the front of the bag. The size of the bag is around (L x W X H) 30cm x 17cm x 29cm, big enough to fit an ipad. Out of the 3 items I received, this is my favorite item because I simply love the design of the bag which makes me look stylish and of course the PU leather! For more information of this product, you can check out the link below:

Last item will be Hasp 2 Pieces Crossbody Bag Set in Black

detachable gold chain

Hasp 2 Pieces Crossbody Bag Set - Black

This bag can be used as a handbag as well as a shoulder bag as they provide you a detachable gold chain. There's no zip/inner compartment inside the bag however there's a mini coin pouch included for you to keep your coins. The bag size is around (L x W X H) 21cm x 7cm x 16cm. In my opinion, the material of the bag is not really good as compared to the one above (Embossing PU Leather Handbag - Black) and the material of this bag is NOT scratch proof which means you can easily leave a scratch mark on the bag, besides that, the bag is also pretty small and suitable for those who don't bring much things out. However the price of this bag is really low as compared to the previous bag so I shouldn't complain so much because what we pay is what we get. For more information of this product, you can check out this link below:

Do check out GAMISS Website for more amazing stuffs! The price of the items are really cheap so trust me you won't regret! I hope my review was helpful and I will see you guys again in my next post! :)

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