Sunday, 2 October 2016

A DATE WITH MOCO IN SINGAPORE! Hayami Mocomichi (速水もこみち)

Last Sunday, I finally get to meet my Idol Hayami Mocomichi! In case you don't know
who he is, let me do a short introduction for you.

Moco is an actor, model & chef.
He was really famous when the drama "Zettai Kareshi" (Absolute Boyfriend) came out
in Japan, he acted as 'Tenjo Night" the robot who protect his girlfriend Riko (Aibu Saki)

Being 186cm tall, he is also a model and also took part in various CM (Commercials) in Japan.

Later on, Moco started to invent his own recipes and MOCO's Kitchen came out
where Moco chef share and cook his own recipes.

The event "A DATE WITH MOCO IN SINGAPORE" was hosted by GEM TV ASIA.
GEM TV shows various Japanese dramas and TV shows like 'Moco's kitchen', you can watch
it on channel 519. If you are interested to watch Moco's kitchen, tune in to GEM TV channel
519 on every Tuesday 10.10pm.

Once again, I would like to thanks GEM TV & SINGTEL TV for giving me this opportunity to meet my Idol.

The event was held on Oct 2 Sunday, 1pm at Suntec Convention Centre.
The sponsor seems to be really generous as there was a free lunch buffet after the registration.

After the lunch buffet, everyone quickly proceed to queue up to enter the room whereby Moco will be in later on.Thankfully I have my friend to help me book seats as we are able to choose our own seats (according to the prize you got), I am glad I am one of the grand prize winner to be able to sit in the front row.

After entering the room and get settled down, the host started to introduce GEM TV, I heard
from my friend the host is Danny Yeo, sorry I didn't know who he was. They also introduce
some games while waiting for moco, the ultimate winners of the game will get the chance to
interact with moco on stage.

Soon later, the host asked us to prepare our cameras as moco will be entering the room
in awhile, we was informed that moco will appear at the right door however later on
 Moco appeared on the main door where we entered, everyone was really excited and screams when Moco entered the room. 
We all tried our best to take photo of moco before he stands on the stage because they literally retrained us from taking photos when moco is on the stage. 

Later on Moco started to share about his trips to Singapore, the first place where he went
was Singapore's famous tourist spot - the merlion. He joke about taking different photos
where he "drink the merlion water". He showed us the photo he took with the merlion where
the merlion is "pouring" the water on him.

<Photo credit : Yahoo Singapore>

Moco also did a live on GEM TV ASIA Facebook page

You may watch it here:

In the live video, Moco answered several questions asked by the fans
from facebook page of GEM TV ASIA.

Remember I mentioned earlier on that the ultimate winner of the game hosted
by them will interact with Moco, the winner actually get an exclusive apron from 
Moco where Moco will sign their name and his signature on it, not only that, Moco
also helped them to tie the apron on them.I am sure many fans are envious of it but I know
Moco is good to all his fans so I am happy for them :)

Moco also gave out his frying pans to 3 lucky winners, the winners are actually based on the
seat they sat, 3 Moco's kitchen tags are placed under the lucky winners' chairs so actually this
is based on luck. The winners also entitled to a give GEM goodie bag each, seems like GEM TV
is really generous! 

I think event was kind of short, I was expecting Moco to do a short cooking session with
us but I guess the time was really short but I am glad after the event I can still take a photo with
him :)

Today is probably the most memorable and happiest day in my life to be able to meet Moco
in real life and so close up :)

Thank you Singtel TV, GEM TV, Nippon TV & Sponsors who held this event.

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